North Park Baptist Church of Bridgeport CT

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Thank you for visiting North Park Baptist Church’s web site. This page will give you a brief introduction to our church.


North Park Baptist is a place where people from all backgrounds and cultures feel welcome and find help establishing and growing a personal relationship with God. Even if you attend just to check the church out you’ll be welcomed. Our goal is to help you dis­cover that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can transform life in exciting and fulfilling ways.


Who We Are

deeper.jpgNorth Park Baptist Church is people. We aren’t a building or an institution. We are people of all ages and backgrounds united by a common commitment to be devoted follow­ers of Jesus Christ.


We are people who have found an exciting relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are committed to making a difference in our mar­riages, families, schools, work places, neighbor­hoods, and communities through Him.


North Park Church is a Baptist church. We follow the New Testament practice of bap­tizing only persons who have first put their faith in Christ and do­ing it the way Jesus was baptized – by immersion. We are an inde­pendent church that voluntarily cooper­ates with the nation's largest conservative Christian denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, to do missions, evangelism, and education. We are also an evangelical church. We hold to the historic Christian faith including the full inspiration and authority of the Bible and the need for all people to experience rebirth through faith in Jesus Christ.


Our members are from many places in the world. Our congregation is a stimulating mix of races, cultures, and backgrounds. Many have never been part of a Baptist church before. You’ll find a warm welcome here, too, no matter what your background is.


North Park Church is a relatively young church. It began in 1975 with a few adults meeting for Bible study in a home in Fairfield. The group grew and formed the Fairfield Baptist Church in June of 1978. For ten years it met in rented facilities, but in 1985 began worshipping in its pre­sent building, chang­ing its name to North Park Baptist Church. While young, we have an ageless message and an energetic spirit you will enjoy.


Our Purpose

North Park Baptist Church exists to bring people into a life-changing personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to help them grow in that relationship, and to help them share the good news of Jesus with others as they minister to others in love.


Our Worship

Our purpose in worship each Sunday is to help people encounter and worship the One True God. Our worship is relaxed and informal, rather than formal or ritualized. We sing a mix of tradi­tional hymns and newer wor­ship songs and cho­ruses. The words to our music are projected to pro­vide a sense of community during worship and to keep us from having to flip through song books.


A major feature of our worship experi­ence is the Pastor’s message, firmly rooted in the Bible but with today's people and needs in mind.


Every message ends with an opportunity to make a personal response. During this time, our pas­tor is ready to help persons who wish to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior, to unite with the church, or to receive counsel or prayer. Trained counselors assist our pas­tor with this ministry. Many people use this time for personal prayer or re­flec­tion. If you decide to step for­ward and speak to our pas­tor at this time, you can be sure of being treat­ed with the utmost respect and courtesy. Our only aim is to help you.


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Youth Christmas Outreach Friday, December 6 @ 7:00 PM
Women's Christmas Brunch Saturday, December 7 @ 10:00 AM
Men's Choir Rehearsal Sunday, December 8 @ 11:45 AM
Preschool & Children's Leadership Meeting Sunday, December 8 @ 11:45 AM
Deacons' Meeting Tuesday, December 10 @ 7:00 PM

North Park Baptist Church | ADDRESS: 5200 Park Ave Bridgeport, CT 06604
PHONE: 203-374-0391 | Site by
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