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  Date: Sunday, January 14, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 34 mins 46 secs    
Passage: Romans 15:33    
  Series Our God Is
  Description: The second special title the New Testament gives to God is "The God of Peace". In fact, this title is used more often than the other four special titles are used. It appears five times in the New Testament. Here we'll discover that God is the source of inner peace, peace with others, peace with himself, and peace in every circumstance. We'll also discover what the New Testament teaches us about gaining all these types of peace for ourself.
  Date: Sunday, January 07, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 25 mins 46 secs    
Passage: Romans 15:13    
  Series Our God Is
  Description: God is given some special titles in the New Testament, titles mean to encourage followers of Christ. One of these is found in Romans 15:13 where he is called the God of hope. In this message we'll see just what it means to us to know that our God is the God of hope.
  Date: Sunday, December 24, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 37 mins 32 secs    
  Description: According to Jesus himself, he came on a rescue mission for the whole world. We'll discover what he came to save the world from, and why that reason is personally important to each of us.
  Date: Sunday, December 17, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 38 mins 31 secs    
Passage: John 12:46    
  Description: In this third message on Why Jesus Came, In His Own Word, Jesus tells us he came as light into the world. Clearly he was speaking figuratively, but what did he mean? What is important about this reason for his coming? What difference does it make, especially for us? These are questions that will occupy our attention in this message.
  Date: Sunday, December 10, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 36 mins 40 secs    
Passage: Luke 19:10    
  Description: In Luke 19:10 Jesus tells us another reason he came to earth: to seek and to save that which was lost. Jesus revealed this mission as some criticized him for associating with sinners. Sinners, those who are spiritually lost, are just the people Jesus came for. He came to find them and save them. As we'll see, that includes all of us, since the Bible tells us that we are all sinners. How Jesus seeks lost people like us today, how he saves us, and what he saves us from are important questions we'll answer.
  Date: Sunday, December 03, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 31 mins 34 secs    
Passage: John 10:10    
  Description: It's the Christmas season, a time to celebrate Jesus' coming to earth. Naturally, the question is, why did he come? That's a question he answered. This week we'll look at the first of four reasons Jesus gave for his coming. He came to give us life, and give it abundantly. What does that mean? Does it matter to us personally? Those are the questions we'll try to answer in this message.
  Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 30 mins 46 secs    
Passage: John 3:16    
  Description: This final message on generosity looks at the power that generosity has, power to transform situations, futures, people, relationships, and even eternal destinies. We'll start by seeing the transforming power found in God's generous gift of his Son, given so we might be saved and have eternal life. We'll move on to see examples of lives and situations that were transformed by generosity, and conclude by deciding whether we would like to get in on the transforming power of generosity.
  Date: Sunday, November 05, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 42 mins 39 secs    
Passage: Luke 6:38    
  Description: The principle of generosity tells us that being generous benefits us more than it costs us. It is more blessed to give than to receive. But how is this true? Is there enough benefit to being generous to make it something we should promote? In this message, we'll start with a promise to the generous in the New Testament, and then look at other passages that speak about many benefits of being generous. Before we close we'll look at the results of a study published in 2014 that listed nine benefits of being generous and the conclusion that study made about promoting generosity. We'll then draw our own conclusions and suggest an application for this week.
  Date: Monday, October 30, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 28 mins 56 secs    
  Description: We begin a four-part series on Generosity, the Joy of Giving More this week. We'll look at the concept of generosity in the Bible and the motivating principle behind the practice of generosity. We'll learn that generosity is not just giving, it is giving more than is needed, expected, or required. It is also giving with the right spirit. It is motivated by the simple truth Jesus revealed to us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We'll get a chance to decide to be generous givers before the message is finished.
  Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 42 mins 49 secs    
  Description: In each of the conversion stories we've studied we found that someone played an important role in another person's salvation. This is God's plan: that each of us get involved in helping other people to be converted. But how? Last week we saw God might use our personal story of conversion to do this. This week we'll learn another way God can use us to help bring another person to conversion. It is a factor in a couple of the stories we've already studied and shows up in other places in the New Testament. We'll learn of a simple and practical way to put this method into practice.


Taco Party Sunday, August 18 @ 1:00 PM
Student Welcome Sunday Sunday, August 25 - All Day
Men's and Women's Prayer Monday, August 26 @ 7:00 PM
Student Welcome Sunday Sunday, September 1 - All Day
Labor Day Monday, September 2 - All Day

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