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  Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 48 mins 30 secs    
Passage: Acts 2:1-13    
  Description: The pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon all people was an event predicted in the Old Testament and brought nearer by John the Baptist's revelation of Jesus as the one who would baptize with the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to dwell forever with the disciples after his ascension. The disciples, and others, have been waiting in Jerusalem for God to fulfill this promise. It is now the day of Pentecost and Jerusalem is filled with Jews from all over the world. Something dramatic happens in the upper room where the disciples are gathered, then spills out into the streets of Jerusalem. The promised Spirit has come! The church is ready to explode.
  Date: Sunday, February 03, 2019       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 54 mins 6 secs    
Passage: Acts 1:15-26    
  Description: While spending much time praying together as they waited for the coming of the promised Holy Spirit, Peter's study of the scripture lead him to see that the loss of Judas Iscariot to the apostolic leadership team was not only foreseen in the Old testament, but his replacement was commanded there. In this passage we see how the gather believers went about filling the hole left in the leadership team by the defection and death of Judas. We get to learn from the early church some practical lessons on church life from this.
  Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 36 mins 16 secs    
Passage: Acts 1:12-14    
  Description: The disciples watched as Jesus ascended into heaven and then returned to Jerusalem to wait for the promised coming of the Holy Spirit. They didn't know how long they were going to have to wait. What would they do in the meantime? It turns out that what they did on this occasion became a pattern that the early church followed throughout its rapid expansion. It is a pattern that healthy, growing churches follow today. We'll discover it here.
  Date: Sunday, January 13, 2019       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 40 mins 37 secs    
Passage: Acts 1:6-11    
  Description: The explosion of the church across the Roman world in the first thirty years after Jesus' resurrection followed a strategy that involved just three simple things: a person, a power, and a plan that Jesus gave to his disciples before he ascended. The modern church can't do better than God's original strategy mapped out in this week's passage. You'll have a chance to step forward in this plan today.
  Date: Sunday, January 06, 2019       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 48 mins 36 secs    
Passage: Acts 1:1-5    
  Description: In thirty years the church went from a few hundred Jewish believers located primarily in Judea and Galilee to tens of thousands of both Jewish and Gentile believers in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy. Churches existed in small towns, major cities, and the capitol of the Empire, Rome. Poor people, wealthy people, slaves, and political leaders had become followers of Jesus. There is just one book of the Bible that traces part of this explosive development. It is the New Testament book of Acts and in this message we begin our study of the explosion of the church by getting introduced to this book, its author, its purpose, and some of its themes. We'll also get a glimpse at part of the dynamic that lay behind this First Century explosion and see what we can learn about having a transforming impact on our world today.
  Date: Sunday, December 23, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 48 mins 52 secs    
Passage: Luke 2:10-11    
  Description: Christmas and the feeling of joy should be inseparable when we realize what happened at the first Christmas. Joy was the theme of the angel when he announced Jesus' birth to the shepherds, and joy was experienced by everyone who saw the baby Jesus and understood who he was. The carol Joy to the World is sometimes said not to be a song about Christmas. While it speaks of things that are not yet universally and fully experienced, it is firmly based on Luke 2:10-11 and rightly expresses our joy at the birth of Jesus. We conclude our reflections on the carols of Christmas with this beloved Christmas carol.
  Date: Sunday, December 16, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 35 mins 30 secs    
Passage: Luke 2:8-20    
  Description: How did a poem written by a non church-going French man become one of America's most beloved Christmas carols? Why did its message offend churches throughout the American South? What message does it contain that is relevant today? Why is it that we respond so powerfully to it whenever we sing it? These are questions for this week's message in our series, the Carols of Christmas.
  Date: Sunday, December 09, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 37 mins 52 secs    
Passage: Luke 2:8-14    
  Description: Any time angels show up it is a big deal. They showed up a number of times before Jesus was born and then showed up in vast numbers when he was born. Why were they there? What was their message? Does it matter today? We'll consider these questions in this week's message on the Carols of Christmas.
  Date: Sunday, December 02, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 33 mins 34 secs    
Passage: Isaiah 7:14    
  Description: In this series on the carols of Christmas we'll explore the stories behind some of our best-loved Christmas music. This week: O Come, O Come Emmanuel, a hymn based on ancient Latin texts. The title and first verse reflect an ancient prophesy about someone who'd be born and bear the name Emmanuel, or God with us. Who could this be? The Christmas story makes the identity of this one clear. We'll learn how we can celebrate the astonishing truth that God came to be with us in his Son, Jesus Christ, and we'll learn how that truth can change the way we live today.
  Date: Sunday, November 25, 2018       Teacher: Mark Smith     Duration: 42 mins 12 secs    
  Description: We will walk along with the woman we met last week as she experiences the worst tragedy any parent can ever experience, the death of a child. In her case it is the death of the son that God had so graciously given to her as we learned last week. Her responses are not what we'd expect even though she fully felt the loss.How she responded resulted in her priceless gift being restored to her. There are lessons for us in her loss, her response, and in God's graciousness toward her.


Lord's Supper Sunday, February 24 @ 10:30 AM
Men's and Women's Prayer Monday, February 25 @ 7:30 PM
Youth Worship Rehearsal Sunday, March 3 @ 11:45 AM
Ladies' Ministry at BRM Saturday, March 9 @ 9:00 AM
Daylight Savings Starts Sunday, March 10 @ 8:00 AM

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